Starting August 28th and ending September 12th, Starcadia Quest’s kickstarter is live ! An unique opportunity to find out more about this sci-fi variation of Arcadia Quest.

4. A much desired extension

The boardgame is proposed in a second package including the ARRRmada extension. It offer two heroes and a crew of space pirates coming to steal the different loots.

This extension looks so fun, it seems almost indispensable. The heroes’ figures are nice, and the pirates looks like just sheer fun.

3. As less needed extension ?

Another extension directly aimed at Arcadia Quest owners: a crossover to face the heroes of Starcadia Quest.

As much as I have nothing against the mixture of genres but IMHO, the medieval fantasy heroes of Arcadia are a little spot among robots, aliens and other lasers. An extension to reserve for hard collectors?

2. And already two miniatures box sets

Already two packs including two miniatures : two swordsmen and two pistoleros:

1. My opinion on the kickstarter

The miniatures are something that makes me want, but the exclusive figurines that are unlocked for the moment do not tempt me at all.

I have to admit that I’ve played a lot of Arcadia Quest games, its extensions and it’s a great game. However redeeming a reworked version of the game again is not one of my priorities.

I love the theme, but I think it could have been more advanced in terms of game mechanics as Zombicide Invaders seems to be.

The tiles look terribly colorful and already they are tiring my eyes.