I was looking for a laptop for a while to be able to work quietly in front of the TV, serve as a meeting briefing support and use as a workstation connected to two screens for the office. And why not turn recent games for the inevitable parties between noon and two. However, I had a strong imperative in the PC world, I wanted the product to be elegant, in the approach of MacBook.

It was a friend who finally gave me the answer, being a graphic designer himself, he chose a powerful machine for his pro software and to play his games. I was very pleasantly surprised by its lines, its elegant finesse … I did not buy the high-end model, but the MSI Stealth G720 2PC, 900 €. At this price, I dare not speak of entry-level.


  • Intel Core I5 ​​2.8 Ghz processor
  • 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Geforce GTX860M 2 GB
  • 3 HDMI port (s)
  • 4 USB 3.0 port (s)
  • 1 Ethernet port (s)


Very good when it comes to appearance, it is in a second time to use that they became mixed, especially in terms of performace.

Side good things, the design is sublime. It is not exactly dark gray but purple that remains very discreet. Ultra flat, it is really bluffing.

The first negative point is the hard disk: why at this price offer a single classic disc and not a ssd? Even under Windows 8, the startup is laborious, launching applications is long. So I had to buy a special portable SSD (SSA) because there are still two slots provided for this purpose. And inevitably it changes everything, the power of the I5 takes all its meaning.

The second negative point is ventilation. This one is really invasive, and as soon as the processor and the graphic card are solicited, it’s a hair dryer! The narrowness of the block necessarily has a price and it is the high temperatures. The concern is that if you install the latest intel drivers, the processor heats up enormously even for the most basic tasks.

The screen is high quality, however its resolution of 2556×1440 is good for gaming but small for office. Another remark, the screen is large (17 inches), which is good for working directly on a desk but a little bulky on the lap.Performances

Neither good or bad but it’s my fault. When we do not know laptops, we imagine that a Geforce GTX860M 2 GB is a very effective GPU. Off, it’s a miniature version and the result is more average. Admittedly, photoshop is launching very well, against level games, it’s far from being a lightning war. You play in medium quality in an intense blowing sound (and I hate that).

The other concern is the narrowness of the block. Very impressive, it causes a very fast heating of the CPU and Gpu. When the machine is pushed too far, it will lower its performance to avoid overheating. It’s a bit of a mess to have a powerful machine and has trouble managing temperature rises. It is rare but I have noticed a few times.