After a few days of early access, here is my feeling on this umpteenth game survival / craft. I agree with myself, I hate early access especially since most do not come out, even a year later.

This is the first time that I take a game in early access and I regretted it immediately. God, let’s row, the first day was just hell. Even the players with graphic cards of patients were grumbling, so a gamer with a medium PC like me, I had the feeling to play a game of 2004. Coded with the ass, it is the first thought which is me come to mind.

Then the days are past and the patches have succeeded one another. First good point for the studio, monitoring is very active and updates almost daily.

Now the game itself: past the disappointment that graphically it is still very poorly optimized and therefore jerky, it’s pretty cool. We quickly understand how to craft the first tools, manage the different gauges (thirst, hunger, air, endurance), find resources, orientate themselves, do not jump to the ceiling when it is dark, in short everything is intuitively linked.

The dinosaurs that are here the external constraint, are quite impressive by their dimensions. As much herbivores are profoundly peaceful, carnivores large or small attack at sight. And quickly, we learn to avoid dense jungle without being well armed because a raptor will soon catch you in the tall grass.

And not surprisingly, the worst predator is the man We learn quickly enough to spot other players and if we do not necessarily know their intentions, we avoid them.

The game allows you to move forward by unlocking craft skills and level-related feature points. On this subject, I advise you unofficial servers, it is less subject to the loss of characters. Even the dinosaurs you tame gain experience.

Would I recommend Ark Survival Evolved. Yes to 200%! In the state it is perfectly playable even if not optimized at all. Alone and especially to many, the survival and search of creatures is really rewarding and the world much richer than we would think. Its very « Lost » atmosphere with the delirium of taming dinosaurs makes it a title that will surely make more sense than Rust or H1Z1.

Just be prepared, the game although updated almost every day remains very poorly optimized. To play it, you have to lower the graphical parameters. To avoid for small configurations and desktop PCs, it’s just unplayable.


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