All you need to Know about the Playstation Classic

Sony has announced the PlayStation classic. There’s the details so far : the retro console is coming out worldwide on December 3rd and it’s gonna cost a 99 dollars.

The games so far

The Playstation Classic will offer 20 games. So far, only five games have been reveilled :

• Final Fantasy 7
• Jumping flash
• Ridge Racer type 4
• Tekken 3
• Wild Arms

So I’m not sure why they’re not giving us the full list. This doesn’t bode very well : If these five games are the best they got, where’s Symphony of The Night Metal Gear, Solid Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater crash, where’s the real heavy hitters

Considering the Playstation Classic comes out in December, there’s really no point to hide the list other than the fact that it’s probably not the best the PlayStation has to offer.

What’s in the box

In the box you’re going to get the console itself an HDMI cable two non dual shock controllers which means longtime fan favorites like Ape Escape are not viable which is going to turn off a lot of people.

You get a micro USB cable to power the device but not an actual charger a little power brick. They just assume you have a bunch of those lying around which it’s probably true, but why not just include one ?
How much with the with the supply chain that Sony has established over decades of making things like this it would have cost a couple more sense to put one in the box.

I’m not a fan how they’re wired controllers and yeah you’re gonna say yeah Nintendo did it and he didn’t say anything so someone he doesn’t know I actually I hate wires in general I go with bluetooth for everything I can so ind of disappointed that they’re going with wires.

That’s the part of old-school gaming that I don’t like. Although, it looks like the ports for the controllers are standard USB

So bottom line is, the Playstation Classic looks cute, if you’re into things like this if you’re one of the suckers that knows full well you can emulate ecause that’s the thing we hear when we buy things like this everybody goes like oh why didn’t you buy a Raspberry Pi or emulate that on your phone.

We like actually having a little console that you can touch and beef wrist buttons and everything I mean can’t press all the buttons : we like the physicality, we like the fact that this this is a legit controller made by Nintendo it’s like there’s something there. There’s some value in that so


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